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Frank and Carrie love working with nature, out on the land each day…it’s the best office to work in every day. Out of all the things they could choose to do with their life, they chose to pursue farming because they love how the change of seasons brings variety and change to daily routines. They love seeing new life all around in the spring, the heat of summer, the harvest of fall, and the slower winters. 

They work to grow their animals in the most natural environment possible, with the most nutritious and natural diet. This provides a happy and healthy life for the animals, and in turn, nutritious and healthy food for their family and community to enjoy. Carrie and Frank look to build up the people that they work with, and the land that they are blessed with. They are always working to learn best ways to work with nature, and not against it.

Frank and Carrie are most proud of the diversity they have on the farm. They feel that nature always has lots of diversity, and that they have done well at recreating that natural diversity on their farm. Frank and Carrie do their best to raise each animal in accordance to its natural environment and characteristics; it is always a joy to learn how to raise a variety of different crops and animals, and see how they mutually benefit each other.

Carrie and Frank want to say a big thank you to those in the community who are supporting farms like theirs. If it wasn’t for you caring about your food, and how it is raised, farms like Back to Nature Organics would not exist. They’re able to do what they do, because of you, and in turn, they are proud to provide you with food that you love and can be proud to eat.

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