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(photo is of Carolina and her grandmother)

Ralf and Carolina, owners of Carolina’s Colombia, met and fell in love in 1998 in Bucaramanga, Colombia while Ralf was there working on behalf of TransCanada Pipe Lines. Many moves, a wedding and a few years went by before they found themselves living in Ralf’s native homeland of Canada… with maintained ties to Carolina’s family in Colombia.

Carolina’s grandparents were coffee farmers; they worked the land that had been in Carolina’s family for generations. Carolina spent much of her childhood on the family farm and over the years was drawn back to the region and the family business. Ultimately, her dream was to own a plantation of her own so she could continue the family legacy and pass it along to her children. In April 2012 Carolina’s dream came true when Ralf and Carolina purchased a coffee plantation of their own where they grow their own beans using traditional methods.

Carolina's Colombia roasts coffee that shares the beauty and flavours of Colombia. They began with a respect for the long tradition of producing coffee in Colombia, and consider ways to improve and respond to ever-evolving environmental , social, and commercial concerns. Their key to success is receiving direct feedback from their community, and adjusting processes both on the farm and throughout the supply chain to improve. 

All of Carolina's Colombia coffee is grown in the shade of old growth trees. No pesticides or herbicides are used, and all of the coffee is hand picked and dried in the sun. An important component of the quality of the beans is the contribution of migrant pickers: having great workers that stay on and return year after year helps maintain offering high quality beans. Carolina's Colombia prioritizes treating all of their workers well so that they choose to return. 

Carolina's Colombia is most proud of the value that they provide to the homes enjoying their coffee. It is important to their team that the homes who try their coffee feel that they are getting a good value for their money spent. There are many complicated steps that have to happen to work efficiently and effectively, and the world keeps throwing different obstacles that can make this challenging. The highest compliment to their team is receiving feedback that their hard work is worthwhile in the end! 

Carolina's Colombia