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Cookstown Greens is a certified organic vegetable farm offering a year-round selection of root storage crops and greens. In recent years, Cookstown Greens has exploded as a sustainable, family-run business owned by the Ffrench family. Vicky and Mike are passionate about farm fresh flavour. Their drive, dedication, and commitment to efficiencies are a testament to the longevity and sustainability of Cookstown Greens. Organic farming is rooted in sustainability, so as stewards of the land, Cookstown Greens consistently practices ethical and responsible standards in all things.

Cookstown Greens is selective about which vegetables are grown on the farm. They want to grow the most flavourful crops, which includes microgreens, leafy greens, root vegetables, and seasonal crops like cherry tomatoes. They offer a consistent year-round selection of certified organic root storage vegetables, which presents the local and seasonal option of premium quality and outstanding flavour.

Cookstown Greens

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