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Kate and Phil Collins chose to pursue farming because it is a lifestyle where you don't need to question the value of your work. Connecting with our ecosystem, connecting other people to plants that grow in Ontario, and working with the land...all areas of farming are filled with purpose. 

Kate and Phil's approach to growing food is to balance simplicity, flavour, and function.  They use as few ingredients as possible to get the desired taste and health benefit, so that people can actually form a relationship with the herbs that are used, and get to know which herbs suit them best. Long ingredient lists don't inspire connection! Foggy River Farm's focus on quality allows the herbs to shine. From planting the seeds, to harvesting, drying, processing, and packing, the herbs are always under their care.

Phil and Kate aim to leave the land healthier than when they started farming, which really guides everything that they do! They focus on soil health, plant health, habitat, and building an environment where farmers can be healthy and thrive. They work hard to match their crew to tasks and crops that they feel are the best fit.

Kate and Phil are most proud of their perseverance and evolution through so many challenging times. While there were many opportunities to give up on this business, they have carried on, looked for solutions, and made it through many difficult periods.

They encourage everyone to have fun with the foods that they make! There are no rules: Enjoy your tea brewed hot or iced, turn tea into popsicles or gummies, or even make a simple syrup for a cocktail. Foggy River's culinary herbs can be sprinkled on any dish, or they can be powdered for a finer texture. Kate and Phil have enjoyed them on popcorn, in bread, in sauces or dressings, on rices and grains, or topping a roast.