Cucumbers, Organic English (each)

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Produced In: Ontario

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English cucumbers are a variety of 'seedless' cucumber (meaning low seed count) that tends to be longer and slimmer than the average field cucumber. They also have a thinner and more tender skin and can be enjoyed as is. English, or European, cucumbers are typically ready for harvest in Ontario in June to early September.

English Cucumbers are a very versatile cucumber. They can be sliced and enjoyed as-is, or can be shaved or juliened for salads. They also make a tasty and crunchy addition with cream cheese and dill in a sandwich, or as a quick-pickle side-dish.

Cucumbers belong to the gourd family. The many cucumber varieties tend to fall into two main groups: slicing and pickling. Pickling cucumbers tend to be shorter and thicker with bumpy skins. Slicing cucumbers tend to be used for salads and every-day eating. Many commercially grown English cucumbers are produced in greenhouses to give Canadians access to fresh slicing cucumbers all-year-round.