Ground Cherries, Organic (pint)

Lunar Rhythm Gardens

Produced In: Janetville, Ontario

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Ground Cherries are a orange-yellow "golden" coloured berry enclosed in a papery husk. They have a sweet, slightly sour, tropical flavour similar to strawberries or pineapples, and eat like cherry tomatoes. These delicious little treats are also called husk berries or Cape Gooseberries, the cultivar most common here. Ground cherries are typically ready for harvest in Ontario in from late July until the first frost, depending on growing conditions. When ripe, ground cherries will drop in their husks to the ground.

Grounds cherries are incredibly enjoyable on their own fresh right out of the husk. They can also be dried, like raisins, or frozen. When still in their husks will store for several weeks in the fridge. They can be added to salads and desserts, and are great for preserving as jams, salsas, or on their own in syrup.