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Produced In: New Hamburg, Ontario

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Green Cabbage is the traditional cabbage enjoyed in Ontario. Its a fibrous field vegetable with waxy leaves. Green cabbage is ready for harvest in Ontario between July and October.

Green cabbage can be enjoyed both raw and cooked. It can be shredded, roasted, pickled, boiled, and fermented. Green cabbage is a very versatile and healthy field vegetable. The savoy variety of green cabbage is excellent for making cabbage rolls. Cabbage can be blanched and frozen to be used in cooking applications later.

It is believed that the versatile cabbage was domesticated in Europe prior to 1000 B.C. By the Middle Ages, cabbage had become a staple of European cuisines. Cabbage and other related vegetables become ready to harvest in cooler weather; in summer, cabbage heads are looser and more tender and in winter, cabbage heads have dense, tightly compact leaves. Summer cabbage is traditionally eaten within weeks of harvest, but winter cabbage can be stored under the right conditions for up to 10 months.