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Honeyberries, also known as Haskaps (the Japanese name for them), are the fruit of non-climbing honeysuckle. It tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a grape, but with a more delicate skin that dissolves when heated. Honeyberries are ready for picking in Ontario in June.

Honeyberries make a very healthy and nutritious treat on their own or in smoothies. They can be baked into delicious desserts, stewed into compotes, or preserved as jelly. Honeyberries can be made into syrups, dried for trail mixes, blended into ice cream, or frozen. As honeyberry skins tend to dissintegrate when frozen, they tend to be slightly watery and mushy when thawed.

Honeyberries originate from cool temperate Northern Hemisphere countries such as Canada, Japan, Russia, and Poland. They go by many other names, including haskaps and blue honeysuckle. The most common varieties cultivated in Ontario are 'Borealis', 'Tundra', and 'Indigo'.