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Jewels Under the Kilt is a fruit and nut orchard in Fergus. The roast process that Lis uses here uses the last tapping of the finest, dark maple syrup to preserve the nut during the roasting process.

Lis is the secret ingredient to the delectable flavour profiles of Jewels Under the Kilt. Her approach is sensorial and measured: she is one part farmer, one part chef, and one part scientist. While some people may have visions of auras and colours, Lis imagines delightful flavours and layers of flavours. She reverse-engineers these visions with flavour matching techniques, and the dark maple syrup encapsulating method that suspends flavours while preserving the fresh taste of the nuts. One taste of her Maple Apple Pie Pecan, and you'll taste it: creamy apple at first, followed by a faint sweet caramel, and finishing with oak and cinnamon notes that linger.