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La Presserie makes delicious cold pressed juices, smoothies, and salad dressings. Crafted in small batches from the highest quality raw fruits and vegetables, their foods are plant-based, vegan, no added water or sugar, and are never pasteurized. The salad dressings are low carb, low calorie, low sodium, and zero cholesterol. With nothing but natural, delicious, plant-based ingredients, each dressing, juice, and smoothie is uncompromisingly unique, nutritious, and flavourful. La Presserie's promise is to offer the best tasting cold pressed juices, smoothies, and dressings. Period. 

La Presserie was created with the belief that life is meant to be savoured, so every sip and every bite of their foods are filled with delicious healthy goodness, and nothing else. Today, they are creating the next generation of premium plant-based foods that will make people happier and healthier. Crafting the best juice begins with the best ingredients. When you bring together the best ingredients from around the world, and blend them together with love and care, something amazing create a true, premium quality cold pressed juice; the perfect blend of taste and health. It's the way a cold pressed juice should be: pure, authentic, raw, and delicious. 

La Presserie makes their cold pressed juices with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the liquid from fresh fruits and veggies. By not adding heat or pasteurization, methods typically used by many companies, La Presserie is able to ensure that they retain the maximum amount of natural enzymes, nutrients, flavours, and taste. You get the highest amount of protein, vitamins, and nutrition possible. By carefully selecting exclusive, small harvest fruits and veggies, from the best local sources and from around the world, picking them only at the peak of ripeness, La Presserie is able to create the most intense flavours. 

From the state-of-the-art facility to the way they purchase produce, to the unique production process, everything that La Presserie does is based on one goal: crafting the best tasting cold pressed juice. The key to achieving this goal is the proprietary Fresh-Freezing process. It ensures that no matter when you enjoy any of La Presserie's artisanal flavours, the all-natural juices will always taste like they were just pressed.  By selling their juices, dressings, and smoothies frozen, La Presserie is able to carefully select ingredients when they are in season, because this is when you get the maximum flavour, intensity, and nutrition. They are then able to lock in that freshness by fresh-freezing juices the moment they are pressed. This gives La Presserie the confidence to say that their cold pressed juices are the next best thing to ripe, fresh fruits and vegetables. From farm to bottle, the premium juices will always make an impression. 

As more and more in our community are looking for raw, natural food and beverage choices that are free from preservatives, colours, and artificial ingredients, La Presserie is able to offer the freshest juices and ensure they remain safe and natural without any pasteurization or artificial preservation. Choosing La Presserie means knowing that every bottle will contain only one thing: raw, natural fruits and vegetables. With nothing added, and nothing taken away. You may know that cold pressed juices provide the best nutrition, but they don't last very  long. That's because soon after a cold pressed juice is made, the enzymes quickly begin to break down the juice. This alters the taste, nutritional value, antioxidants and vitamins found in the fruit, which is why many cold pressed juice companies pasteurize their juice...which, while making the juice last longer, destroys many of the rich nutritional values. Freezing, on the other hand, is natures pause button. It seals in the fresh flavour, freshness, nutrients, and antioxidants. La Presserie's cold pressed juices are always crafted and packaged using the proprietary Fresh-Frozen technology, so you can be certain you're always getting the highest nutrition possible each time you savour one of their juices.