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Produced In: Cold Springs, Ontario

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Ingredients: coconut oil infused with yellow calendula, vitamin E oil, beeswax, essential oils , baking soda, arrowroot flour, grapefruit seed extract

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Our refreshing, nourishing natural deodorant prevents odour forming bacteria from gathering on the skin. It's aluminum-free, preservative-free, and utilizes local, ethically-sourced beeswax. Using a combination of coconut oil infused with yellow calendula, vitamin E oil, beeswax, and essential oils to combat bacteria growth and baking soda and arrowroot flour to absorb wetness, Pure Joy Deodorant keeps you smelling fresh all day long- while moisturizing your skin!

Our creamy formula enables you to use the perfect amount for you. Rubbing the deodorant into the skin assists in the absorption of the product, effectively preventing staining on clothes since it's not sitting on top of the skin.

To apply, simply take a pea-sized amount or less (depending on your preference) with your a finger and warm it between two fingers before applying the deodorant to your armpit, rubbing in well.

While many "natural" deodorants contain unnecessary ingredients, we don't put anything in our products without a good reason. Our goal is to keep them simple, clean, and natural. Here's a little breakdown for you!
Coconut oil contains fatty acids, which supply antimicrobial properties. It's anti-inflammatory and adds a protective, moisturizing layer for the skin.
Baking soda kills odour-causing bacteria by creating an alkaline environment for your pits. The rest of the deeply-moisturizing ingredients in our recipe, including our signature calendula, combat any potential drying effects of the baking soda.
Beeswax soothes irritation, softens the skin, aids in absorption into the skin (reducing the risk of staining on clothing), and helps keep the texture of the deodorant creamy with just the right amount of firmness so it's easy to apply.
Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants to help reduce inflammation as well as being moisturizing for the skin. It's also a natural preservative!
Arrowroot flour absorbs access moisture and helps to eliminate toxins from previous synthetic deodorant and antiperspirant use.
Grapefruit seed extract is antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal, which, again, reduces odour-causing bacteria while moisturizing the skin.
It really is that simple!

A note about transitioning to natural deodorant:
Our bodies can take time to adjust to a new deodorant, especially if we've been using antiperspirants. This is because antiperspirants change the bacteria in our pits. Do not fret, it's typical for the body to take about two weeks to adjust to the new product. This is because the body is releasing toxins from previous products that have built up in the pores. The ingredients in our deodorant are chosen specifically to aid in the process of drawing out toxins.

Size: 8mL Sample Size
8mL Sample Size