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Littleleaf Farms is a small, family farm offering a variety of microgreens that are grown using organic methods, with consideration for the health of people enjoying the greens and for the environment.  All of microgreens from Littleleaf are grown in Ontario,with certified organic and GMO-free seeds, certified organic soil, and ozonated water for the most naturally grown greens that have a fresh, crisp flavour, big impact, and nutritious crunch. 

For as long as they can remember, Larissa and Jon have been intrigued by nature and our place within the natural world. Jon and Larissa believe that food fuels the body, and good food enlivens the spirit. Dedication to the health and well being of those enjoying their greens, stewardship of the planet, and providing a top-quality nutritious product are the motivating factors behind Littleleaf Farm.

Working with plants in a farming situation has been a lifelong ambition for Larissa and Jon. Both Jon and Larissa have extensive experience working with plants. Larissa is a certified Horticultural Technician, with experience growing a variety of crops. Larissa has worked alongside the largest microgreen grower in Canada, where she learned a bounty of information and growing methods to help create high quality nutritious microgreens. Jon has wanted to pursue farming ever since a field trip to a local Durham Region farm when he was in first grade. Working with his hands, and close to his family, has been a blessing. Both Larissa and Jon feel honoured by the opportunity to grow nutritious food for their community.

Since the pandemic hit, Littleleaf Farm's customer base of over twenty-five weekly restaurant deliveries has been significantly impacted, so being able to pivot their business model to include selling directly to homes was important. Being a part of this community of farmers and food lovers has been such a huge help and support, and  both Larissa and Jon are so thankful for the homes across our community who have enjoyed their greens.