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Made with Local started as a simple farmer's market table, and is now a B-Corp certified food provider, available across Canada! Everything is still baked at home, in Dartmouth, NS, by locals with local ingredients. 

The B-Corp Certification is the North Star for the team at Made with Local: it has kept them focused on providing positive social and environmental impact with every step taken. An example of this is Made with Local's partnership with Out of the Box Inc., a social enterprise that provides Torontonians who have various barriers to employment with meaningful work. Thanks to Out of the Box, Made with Local has staff who really do hand-make each bar with love. 

Working out of rural Nova Scotia has meant that Made with Local has always had a strong connection to local farmers. This is why when they source ingredients, the whole community is involved! There's Tom, the honey supplier providing delicious honey for the bars, David and Evelyn, the cranberry farmers, and the teams at Nuts to You nut butters and Oak Manor Farms who provide nut butters and hearty oats. Proof that good food really does come from close to home! 

Made with Local's mission is to continue nourishing our community through local suppliers and social enterprises, and to be the voice of intuitive, mindful nourishment in your snack cupboard!