Jam, Onion Garlic (250 mL)

Manning Canning

Produced In: Prepared in Toronto, Ontario

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Price Per Unit: $0.68 per 18g serving

Storage: Pantry

Ingredients: onion, garlic, white wine, sugar, lemon, pectin

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A splash of white wine gives it a touch of sweetness, and dollop of it on a grilled cheese sammy gives your taste buds a treat.

Since 2013 Manning Canning has been making award winning preserves (jams, jellies, pickles and mustards) using local produce and oftentimes recipes passed down through both sides of the family.

They have always believed that their products should contain only REAL ingredients and whenever possible make their products using produce that they source in Ontario.

Their pickles are raw packed giving them a crunch you will grow to love, their mustard pops with apple cider vinegar and their savoury jams were made to go with cheese.

Their line of Shrubs are thirst quenching and this is really where the use of top quality ingredients really shines through. Where a lot of beverages are made from concentrate – Manning Canning’s Shrub start with cold pressed juice and give you great value with 16 servings per bottle.

Proudly made in Toronto at their facility in Leaside, which also doubles as a rentable commercial kitchen so other food entrepreneurs can bring their products to market. A rising tide lifts all boats and Manning Canning works hard to be that tide for small food.