Ground, Elk (approx 454g)

Century Game Park


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Elk, Ground (1lb)

Elk meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol, and high in protein!


About Century Game Park!
Located in the drumlins leftover from the onslaught of glaciers at the beginning of the dawn of modern time, Robert Richard Potter chopped an existence out of the Canadian Wild in 1837, and called it home. Shelson, Clarence and Jack Potter toiled through the seasons of life to contribute to the agricultural community which they helped form.

One hundred and fifty years passed, spanning five generations spent building and clearing the land in the Hills of Northumberland County. This scenic homestead, carved out of forests long after the retreating glaciers left their mark, soon became known as Century Game Park - named by the 5th generation, Rod Potter.

Visitors can see first hand this splendid hump backed animal grazing as it did in prehistoric times, when it was hunted and worshiped by nomadic tribes of ancient ancestry. Although more compact then, its primordial roots the mystique still prevails in the forceful character of these bearded bovines.