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When I was growing up, my mum told me that she wasn't surprised that I got into food. Growing up, I was the one on the side of the stove or beside the cooking fire, curious about what my mum was making, or preparing my own small dishes, just to my liking. I loved good food... I still love good food.

Mnandi Pies was born out of a nostalgia of meat pies I remember having as a child. When I moved to Canada, I missed the warmth of the sun and the flavourful streets of Zimbabwe, the flaky pastry and rich gravy with fillings that were familiar yet, unforgettable. So, I set out to recreate that taste I remembered fondly, where each bite brought me closer to that feeling of home away from home.

My approach to making food is very simple: use the best, freshest ingredients to get the best results. Mnandi Pies gets the best spices from Zimbabwe to give the pies an authentic taste of Zimbabwe, and everything else in the pies is sourced locally. Mnandi Pies sources from local, family owned farms which means we are able to support the farmers that work so hard to bring us fresh food each day. The outcome is a delicious bite that bring you closer to a craving that you never knew you had.

In the kitchen, we create an environment where people are comfortable to express who they are. Something as simple as making a staff meal and sitting down to eat together can build rapport and break down barriers in so many ways. Most of the people who help me are newcomers to Canada who are still in the process of settling down. Kitchen time becomes not only time to work but time to connect and offer advice in immigration issues, how to invest and how to get a driving instructor.

I am most proud of the fact that Mnandi Pies is still here trying to grow. This past year hasn’t been easy for any of us, but we are still standing, maybe on one foot, or rocking back and forth, but still standing.

The pies are a little Taste of Zimbabwe. I am is hoping that you get to see the passion with which we make the pies, the exceptional ingredients that we use, and how well they are crafted.