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Never Not Eating is grounded in the cultural and culinary contexts of the spice blends they have handcrafted; with respect and reverence to those who have cooked before. Never Not Eating's chef inspired spice blends are designed to inspire you with the flavours of the Middle East and North Africa, and bring these tastes right to your table. They have done all the leg work for you, sourcing and crafting the freshest spice blends so you can recreate a bold-flavoured, restaurant-quality meal at home to transport you to somewhere more exotic. 

Joel shares that food has always called to him, ever since spending significant time as a small child in his grandmother's kitchen. After a few other careers, this calling was far too strong to ignore, and Joel has never looked back. His mantra? Food is love. The idea is to introduce interesting foods and flavours to people to make them fall in love. Food should be fun: to do this, you must use the best, freshest ingredients; which is the core of the business at Never Not Eating. 

Never Not Eating is a people-first organization, and all of the suppliers they have selected to work with have been chosen for their commitment to supporting their employees, the environment, their own supply chains, and the way in which their contributions are produced. 

As an entrepreneur, there isn't much room for pride, but Joel shares that it is nice to receive positive feedback from homes and chefs who enjoy their spice blends.