Prima Orchard
Prima Orchard wants your family to know the taste of a fresh apple, that hasn't been in storage for six months or shipped halfway around the world...Ideally, your food doesn't have more air miles than you do!!

Rami chose to pursue farming, and in particular growing apples and pears, because living a clean and healthy lifestyle, with the privilege of helpinig feed Canadians is his passion. Rami and his team absolutely love being a part of the farm-to-table ecosystem.

Rami's approach to growing apples is very simple: the kids have to be able to pick an apple from the tree and eat it without needing to wash first. Rami considers the orchard self-sustaining, and is proud to use growing practices that are safe to eat.
At Prima Orchards, Rami values treating the land, trees, and people the way that he wants to be treated. Rami respects the land by treating it like a living thing, the trees are a part of the family, and the people who work at Prima Orchards are valued human beings.

Prima Orchards grows over 20 unique apple varieties throughout the season, so almost every week during the fall a new variety will be available! This also means that if there is a particular variety you really enjoy, you'll want to be sure to get it when it comes available, as many varieties are only available for 1-2 weeks each year.

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