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Sift offers delightful, artisan baked goods including cakes, pies, and squares. Sift is a small batch artisan bakery, making everything from scratch early each morning at their storefront in Newcastle. Melissa prioritizes using fresh, local ingredients in everything she offers.

Melissa is very conscious of the role that Sift plays in the chain between farmers and consumers. She believes that Sift has a responsibility to ethically source as many ingredients and products as possible. Melissa has built strong relationships with many local farms, coffee producers, and other artisans. She's conscious of seasonality, and whenever possible works hard to make baked goods using locally sourced seasonal produce.

When we asked Melissa why she chose to pursue baking, she answered: "Is there anything better than serving someone something that you have made especially for them, and having them absolutely love it? I  don't think there is. I bake because I am never more myself than when I am in my kitchen, covered in flour, with my hands on dough; and I am never happier than when my playing around in the kitchen yields someone's new favourite treat."