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Spent Goods was created out of a desire to make a difference in the climate crisis. While recycling and divestment from fossil fuel based stocks was a start, Dihan wanted to make a more significant impact on a daily basis. 

Spent Goods diverts food by-products that are often discarded, and instead makes them into delicious foods! Currently, Spent Goods is working with craft brewer's barley that has already been used to make beer, and incorporates it into their baked goods: including delicious pretzels! 

Spent Goods is a sustainable business that is supporting the wellbeing of people and the planet. They pay their team members fair wages, and work to create local jobs: to date they directly support the equivalent of 10 full-time employees! 

Spent Goods is proud of what they have achieved over the past three years, including 90,000 loaves sold while off-setting 3.6 T eC02, being featured in several media publications (BlogTO, CBC, Edible Magazine, and LCBO Food and Drink), and being voted as one of Toronto's top five breads by NOW Magazine readers. 

By supporting Spent Goods, not only are you enjoying their delicious baked goods that reduce climate change, but you are also enjoying cholesterol-reducing fibre from spent barley.  

Spent Goods recommends storing their baked goods in the freezer until you are ready to consume them, as they are preservative free so will only stay fresh for a few days. At room temperature, they recommend keeping it on your counter in a breadbox rather than in the fridge. 






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