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Opal was born and raised in Jamaica. She loves travelling and has lived in two other countries before settling in Toronto.

Everyone who knows Opal knows of her love and passion for food; her friends describe her as a foodie. She loves cooking and is inspired by wide range of food from different cultures. Despite her love for many different foods, patties is one of her favorite food.

It all began with a desire. After a long day at work, Opal came home wanting some quick, comfort food and a glass of wine. She wanted something that was quick and easy . . . . something she could heat and eat. It would not be too heavy, yet tasty and filling. She was craving a (Jamaican) patty.

Her exhaustive search for such a patty became a passion which led her to start Stush Patties.  

Stush means proper; Proper means good.

Stush patties are proper patties, made with good ingredients a good amount of filling and best of all, they taste good.  Try some today!