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These turmeric roots are starting to get a little dry. Best to use them up quick!

Certified Organic Turmeric, a perfect spice for adding colour and it's warm peppery, slightly bitter flavour to any dish!

Fresh turmeric may be intimidating to the novice chef, but it is actually easy to incorporate into your meals! Simply peel the thin skin away from the tuber, and then slice, grate or mince to use in your recipe.

Some of the ways we love fresh turmeric:

  • boiled into a tea
  • blended with bananas and pineapple in a smoothie
  • minced and added to a curry sauce or soup
  • cooked into rice for a beautiful yellow colour


About the Vendor

Today, Mike & Mike’s Organics is the only non farm-based distributor of exclusively certified-organic fresh fruits and vegetables in Ontario. The company delivers more than 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables from organic farms from around the world to 150 retailers in the province, such as major chains as well as many independent health and natural food stores. 

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