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Norm and his family have farmed in the hills of Cavan for six generations.  They have a long-term strategy on managing the land, water, and natural resources to ensure they are available for many more generations to come. Woodleigh Farms has set long-term achievable goals related to the soil health and building resilience on the farm. Their staff are extensions of the family, many of whom have been with the farm long-term. Youth are encouraged to explore summer opportunities on the farm at Woodleigh Farms!

Farming is a lifestyle, and there is not often much of a line between home, work, and play. Being able to do each of these things simultaneously affords Norm and his family the flexibility to control their own destiny, while spending ample time with family and friends.

Norm is most proud of the fact that he gets to work with his family. They are a part of a multi-generational farming community, where home intermingles with work, creating a lifestyle their family has come to cherish and appreciate.  Norm and his family are so grateful for all those who choose to eat, support, and learn about local businesses. Farming is rooted in our history, and continues to play a vital role in our community. If you'd like to learn more about what Norm and his family do at Woodleigh Farms, they have an open door policy to anyone in the community who'd like to learn more.