Celeriac (each, large)


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These are large celeriac roots, each approximately 1.5-2lbs (680-908g).

Celeriac is an alien looking root vegetable that is actually a type of celery! However, it isn't grown primarily for its stalks but rather its large root bulb. It is also appropriately named celery root for this reason. 

Often a misunderstood vegetable, it is extremely versatile and quite delicious. It has a nice crunch with (you guessed it) a celery flavour with nutty undertones. It can be used raw, grated into a salad or coleslaw, or it can be used it soups, and roasted vegetable dishes. It also makes really great quick pickles!

About the Vendor
We are Tyler and Erin from Foragers Farms. We are a CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) market garden family farm that specializes in small-batch foraged wilds from our local terroir and grows 30-35 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit. We offer a CSA program from June-Oct, offer our products at the Cobourg Reko Network (pre-order with us through the Facebook group), frequent farmers markets in our area (Cobourg, Peterborough Regional Farmers Market, downtown Peterborough Market and a new market coming 2020 in Port Hope downtown). In the shoulder seasons we focus heavily on sprouts and wild medicinals until our gardens are abundant.

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