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Jessica and her team grow 20 acres of certified organic vegetables at Lunar Rhythm Gardens.  Jessica is very minimal with interventions, she lets the crops on her farm grow naturally aside from planting, weeding, harvesting, and utilizing tunnels and row covers. Jessica would rather have vegetables that are damaged rather than treated: she wants people to know what real food looks like, and real food is certainly not perfect!

Jessica aims to grow nutrient-dense veggies: she does this by amending the soil each year, growing many cover crops, adding compost, and whenever possible, having the cattle grazing in rotation. Animals are essential to any natural ecosystem, and need to be incorporated into small farms for the biodiversity that they bring. Jessica raises a small herd of beef cattle, pigs, chickens, and uses horses on the farm. Lunar Rhythm Gardens practices diversity, diversity, and more diversity! They don't specialize in any one vegetable, but go wherever the garden takes them...not every crop is guaranteed to produce each year, and that's alright!

One major area of concern for Jessica is the environment. Even though she works to be environmentally conscious at Lunar Rhythm Gardens, Jessica feels that there is never enough that you can do to be gentle to the planet. She works hard to support a diverse ecosystem, and is always trying to reduce her ecological footprint. Although what is best for the environment may not be best for business survival, and many opportunities do come at a cost, Jessica works hard to consciously make choices that are the most gentle towards the planet. 

Lunar Rhythm Gardens

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