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Christine and James have been making award winning preserves using local produce and recipes passed down through both sides of their families since 2013. When we asked Christine why she chose to pursue this lifestyle, she answered that it wasn't really a conscious decision...

Prior to 2013, Christine spent the better part of two decades working in Marketing. Her career of making food chose her shortly after she was packaged out of her marketing job, just after arriving home from her honeymoon. Christine was raised in a home that was very much farm-to-table...before farm-to-table was even really a thing. While looking for a new job in marketing, Christine began exploring some family recipes, and, thing led to another.

As much as possible, Manning Canning works hard to use Ontario-grown ingredients, and several of the foods they make are recognized by Foodland Ontario. Absolutely everything that Christine and James make are small-batch, and made without you'll be able to identify every ingredient on the ingredient list.

During the pandemic, Manning Canning did everything possible as a small business to keep staff safe and comfortable. Beyond providing the basics (masks, shields, sanitizer), they reworked all production areas to ensure social distancing, bought hepa filters, and provided covid tests. Christine and James gave paid sick days, even if it was just a case of the sniffles, because they never wanted their team to have to choose between safety and earning a daily living. They work hard to provide an environment where the team enjoys coming to work.

Christine and James love what they do, and every single time you order one of their foods, you are supporting their business, the farmers who they purchase fruits and veggies from, and their production team. Your buying power makes a difference in many lives!