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Vivaldi is a pale yellow skin and flesh potato with a velvety texture, this makes it great for mashing and is particularly good as a boiled potato, holding its shape. It has a mild sweet flavour and complements Mediterranean recipes and fish or chicken recipes. It has been called the "butterless baker" as it doesn't need butter to enhance its flavour or texture. Vivaldi is comparable to the Nicola and Maris Peers varieties, is excellent for mash and chips, and is lower in calories and carbohydrates then most other potato varieties.

This cultivar was bred by HZPC in the Netherlands, the 'Naturally Best' based in Lincolnshire, England, who promoted and distributed this variety in the United Kingdom. The 'Monalisa' variety is a parent cultivar to this variety, and the Vivaldi potato was named after Antonio Vivaldi, the composer of the 'Four Seasons', since the growing distribution of this variety made it available to consumers 4 seasons of the year.

This cultivar was a winner in the Fresh Produce category at the Q Food and Drink awards in 2006; won gold at The Grocer Label Awards in 2011; and has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden of Merit Award.