John, the owner of Pinehaven Farm, is a third generation farmer growing a wide assortment of vegetables. John specializes in growing potatoes, and grows over 60 unique varieties!! He chose to pursue farming because growing a strong crop provides him with much satisfaction.

John believes that primary producers should be able to make a living by growing food. He supports sustainable farming and living, and likes small scale farms that produce food locally. John uses minimal pesticides, and works hard to ensure that everyone he works with understands his philosophy of sustainability. 

Potatoes from Pinehaven Farm are harvested in the fall, at the point of optimal farm fresh flavour, and are properly stored throughout the year to preserve the taste. Did you know that it is possible for a human to survive on a diet of only potatoes for a very long time? Some say it would be possible to only eat potatoes for 2 months!! 

The biggest difference you'll notice between potatoes from Pinehaven Farm and potatoes you may find at a traditional supermarket is that potatoes from Pinehaven Farm have not been treated with any chemicals. Potatoes found in grocery stores have been treated, usually with maleic hydrazide or something similar to inhibit sprout growth. Potatoes from Pinehaven haven't been treated with any such chemicals, and are actually still alive! 

Pinehaven doesn't wash their potatoes because when potatoes are freshly harvested they have thin skin, and washing before storage can lead to moisture being trapped in the potato. By keeping the dirt on the potatoes until you're ready to enjoy them, you're going to enjoy a more farm fresh, optimal flavour. 

John is most proud of the wide variety ofpotatoes that he grows on his farm in Millbrook. In addition to your typical potato varieties, John grows spectacular Adirondack Blue potatoes with a stunning royal blue flesh, Purple Peruvian fingerlings with vibrant purple flesh, and many more! 
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