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A favourite staple root vegetable among many, the Orange Carrot is crunchy with a sweet center. The orange part is the taproot, which grows underground. The carrot stems and leaves are also edible and can be a great addition to salads. Orange Carrots are ready to be harvested in Ontario from July until late September.

Carrots can be enjoyed eaten raw or cooked. Carrots can be shaved or julienned for a salad or sushi. They also make very tasty vegetables when boiled, braised, baked, roasted, caramelized, and pureed. Carrots can also be used in baking for some extra flavour and plant fibre. Carrots can be pickled, blanched, and frozen to help them last longer.

Traditional Orange Carrots are actually considered 'Western' carrots which originated from the Netherlands in the 17th century. 'Eastern' carrots, which originated from Europe and America, tend to be purple and yellow. The Imperator carrot cultivar is the most common one used among commercial growers for orange carrots. Carrots grow best in loose, deep soil and since it is a taproot, may come a with a little bit of residual dirt or branching roots or knobs left on them.