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Produced In: Bethany / Haliburton

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This mixed bundle of whole garlic heads makes an excellent host's gift, and is a necessity in the garlicurious' kitchen.

Mixed Bundle  includes:
Killarney Red
French Rocambole

Each coloured string represents a different variety of garlic:

French Rocambole: (brown string) If you like an earthy tasting garlic, French Rocambole is the one for you. This variety of garlic with a brown string can produce some very large bulbs.  Rated medium on the spicy scale, French Rocambole has an exceptional ability to retain the 'terroir' of the soils in which it is grown.  Treat this garlic gently by warming it in hot butter. 

Ivan: (light green string) As far as Porcelain garlic grow, this variety known as Ivan is incredibly robust! The plant has tall thick stalks like a sapling and large dark green leaves like an Arizona palm.  Clean white bulbs, and cloves as big as your thumb.  The flavour is very spicy, with strong garlic overtones, and subtle sweetness when cooked.

F3: (teal string) This garlic is not the Porcelain Fish Lake 3 you are looking for.  Instead it is a very fine example of a Rocambole garlic.  In five years of growing this variety,  F3 has consistently produced very large bulbs.   As for the taste, there is a faint bite or spiciness at first, followed by a cascade of garlic flavours.

Killarney Red: (red/yellow/blue string) A new coloured string graduate in a red/yellow/blue striped string.  Killarney Red consistently produces large bulbs with soft, tan, coloured cloves.  Not considered a spicy garlic, the flavours in Killarney Red are strong without a strong aftertaste.  This is a great choice of garlic for increasing your daily intake without overpowering you meals.  Also one of our best storing garlics.

Yugoslavian: (yellow string) Yugi's we call them, tied with yellow strings, are the darkest, deep purple coloured bulbs we grow.  This shows up best when freshly harvested.  The cloves are also a darker tan/brown colour than other rocamboles.  Yugoslavian has strong earthy flavours with sweet notes. They can be medium to hot on the spicy scale.  Similar to French Rocambole but with stronger and sharper flavours.