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Parsley Root is the taproot of the parsley plant. It is similar in appearance to parsnips, but tend to be smaller, more narrow, and with more root branch nodes. It is also very different in taste being closer in flavour to celery. Parsley Root is typically ready for harvest in late fall in Ontario, where it is harvested before the first frost. Since this is a taproot and grows in the ground, it needs to be washed thoroughly before being prepared into a tasty dish!

Parsley Root can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be roasted, pureed, boiled, mashed, or made into soups and stews.

Root parsley is very common in central, eastern, and southern European cuisines, where it is used as a snack or a vegetable in many soups, stews, and casseroles. It is believed to have been originally grown in Sardinia (Mediterranean area) and was cultivated in around the 3rd century BC. Root Parsley has been cultivated to have larger roots than the parsleys used for their herbaceous tops. Parsley is closely related to carrots, parsnips, anise, fennel, cumin, and caraway.