Turnip, Purple Top Organic

Lunar Rhythm Gardens

Produced In: Janetville, Ontario

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Purple Top White Globe Turnips are a large, round turnip with, you guessed it, a purple top and white bottom. The purple top is the portion of the turnip that grew above the ground, and the white is the part that grew in the ground. They have a white, hard flesh and thick skin and a mild, sweet flavour that does not lessen as they mature and grow larger than other turnips.

Purple Top White Globe turnips can be enjoyed boiled and mashed, roasted, braised, pureed into soups, or added into casseroles. It is recommended that they are washed thoroughly and peeled before being turned into a tasty dish as, like other root vegetables, they can still have dirt from the field on them. These turnips store well in the fridge or pantry, and can be frozen for longer storage in the off-season months.

Turnips are root vegetables with leaves that grow above the ground and a taproot that grows into the ground. The part that is referred to as 'turnip' is the bulbous part of the root. Turnips originated in western Asia and in Europe in their wild forms (which are related to mustard and radishes), and were first cultivated in northern Europe. Turnips were very important in Ancient Greece and Rome, and were an important food in Antebellum America due to their short growing season and nutritious leaves. Rutabagas are sometimes referred to as 'turnips' however they are not the same, though related. They tend to be a little smaller, and they don't have the neck or crown like a rutabaga, which is where the root elongates and where the leaves grow from. Like rutabagas, they are used for both human consumption and animal fodder.