Beans, Kidney (540mL Can)

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Produced In: Ontario

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100% Ontario-grown and traceable right back to the farm
No salt added
No firming agents
No colourants
Certified organic by EcoCert

Red Kidney Beans are recognizable by their dark red skin and creamy insides. They have a subtle nutty flavour that is a classic favourite to many Canadian palates. Red Kidney Beans are ready for harvest in Ontario in September to October, where they are then dried for longer storage.  Dark Red Kidney beans are excellent to enjoy in soups, chilis, summer salads, and casseroles. They can also be boiled, pureed, mashed, or made into a paste. Dark Red Kidney beans are thought to have originated from Peru, however are cultivated throughout North America and Eurasia. Kindey beans are a type of pulse, which are different from legumes. Kidney beans are a favourite crop among Ontario and Manitoba farmers and are often grown in surplus, which is sent to European markets.