Brisket, Beef (approx 1.27kg)


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The brisket is best when cooked very slowly over a low heat. A home smoker is ideal!

However it can be done in your own oven also. Rub your favourite spices such as garlic powder, seasoning salt and black pepper on the brisket. Insert meat thermometer into brisket. Place in a smoker or oven on low heat (200 F) fat side up for 5-6 hours or until the meat thermometer reads 150 F.


Enright Cattle Company are fourth-generation farmers committed to community.They farm to feed their family and their neighbours. They take great care with their land and their animals, ensuring they grow and thrive. And they take great pride in the results – exceptionally good food they can share with others.

Harley Farms farming system is grounded in the belief that our animals should be raised as humanely and naturally as possible. As a result, our farm animals are kept together in family groups for most of their lives, which reduces their stress levels and supports their overall health. We also believe in maximizing the use of our pastures and forage crops, which allows the animals to subsist predominantly on the plants and crops they are meant to consume, thereby reducing our dependency on grains in our livestock finishing program.