Celeriac, Organic (each)

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Certified Organic

Each one approximately 1-1.5lbs.

Celeriac is an alien looking root vegetable that is actually a type of celery! However, it isn't grown primarily for its stalks but rather its large root bulb. It is also appropriately named celery root for this reason. 

Often a misunderstood vegetable, it is extremely versatile and quite delicious. It has a nice crunch with (you guessed it) a celery flavour with nutty undertones. It can be used raw, grated into a salad or coleslaw, or it can be used it soups, and roasted vegetable dishes. It also makes really great quick pickles!


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We are located 1 hour north of Toronto, in Essa township. We have 5 heated greenhouses and 100 acres of rich, loamy soil, and have been producing healthful, organic food since 1988.

We leave part of our land untouched and use non-intensive farming methods, which contributes to our farm’s biodiversity.

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Contact - Vicky - orders@cookstowngreens.com