Fiddleheads (approx 454g)

Pacific Wild Pick

Produced In: British Colombia, Canada

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Fiddlehead harvest season is finally ON, get your fresh picks now!

Fiddleheads are some of our favorite spring vegetables. After a long winter, we are excited to offer some of the best-tasting spring greens.

These green goodies are packed with nutrients and offer versatility in the kitchen. Elevate your home cooking with a simple sauté, and serve them as a side dish.
You can also blanche your fiddleheads and add them to salads. They can be used in risottos, spaghetti, and pasta dishes as well!

1/2lb is equivalent to 2 portions.

We are now bagging some produce in paper bags in order to reduce our single use plastics. We recommend storing your greens in a reusable container (glass or plastic) with a damp paper towel. Greens need to breathe a little bit, but it's also important that they don't dry out! If you have a high-humidity crisper drawer, that is the best place for it.

How to cook fiddleheads

Health Canada urges Canadians to never consume raw or undercooked fiddleheads since these spring greens have been associated with cases of food poisoning. Here are its recommendations for properly preparing fiddleheads:

  • Start by removing as much of the brown husk as possible.
  • To get rid of the rest of the husk and dirt, wash your fiddleheads in multiple changes of cold water.
  • Cook fiddleheads before adding them to stir-fries, frittatas or any other dish by boiling them for 15 minutes. Or, steam them for 10-12 minutes.