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Garliclove's fourth year growing Romanian Red from bulbils and they are sizing up very nicely.  They have similar sharp and spicy bite as most Porcelain garlic, but with deeper complex flavours associated with Marbled Purple Stripe varieties.  Romanian Red is considered the healthiest garlic to eat raw -  with chart topping allicin properties.

Expect large, red-purple bulbs with big cloves, about 3-5 per head. Strong, spicy flavours when raw, and big flavour when cooked gently.

Marchand and Corin of Garlicloves began planting garlic in 2012 with only one dozen Ontario bulbs. They spent the next several years collecting varieties and keeping meticulous data on each one. Today they grow their incredible garlic in the Kawartha Lakes, and in the Minden/Haliburton area.