Sunchokes (approx 454g)

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Certified Organic

Sunchokes are thin-skinned, knobby, and resemble the look of ginger. These tubers are the root stem of a variety of sunflower that grows up to ten feet tall. Sunchoke varieties can vary in appearance, some have "eyes" similar to potatoes, some are smooth, whereas others are more knobbed. The tubers have a light-beige to tan colored skin, with a crisp and juicy, ivory flesh. Raw Sunchokes have a texture similar to water chestnuts and a sweet, nutty flavor.

Try making sunchoke chips to top your salads or pasta dishes; slice them as thin as you can (preferably with a mandolin, but a good sharp knife will do) and fry them until golden brown. They also make a great mash when boiled with potatoes!

We are located 1 hour north of Toronto, in Essa township. We have 5 heated greenhouses and 100 acres of rich, loamy soil, and have been producing healthful, organic food since 1988.

We leave part of our land untouched and use non-intensive farming methods, which contributes to our farm’s biodiversity.