Lentils, Green (540mL Can)

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Produced In: Ontario

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100% grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan
No salt added
No firming agents
No colourants
Certified organic by EcoCert

Green Lentils are similar to brown lentils, but have a slight peppery taste. Lentils are ready for harvest in Ontario in the late summer, where they are then dried for longer storage through the off-season months. Green Lentils are excellent for adding to soups or summer salads. They add a nutritous creamy texture to every mouthful. It is recommended that they be cooked gently in seasoned water or broth to prevent bursting and for maximum flavour. Lentils can also be baked or boiled, and lentils without the husk ('split') can be boiled down into purees for soups and curries. Lentils with the husk still on tend to need longer cooking but hold their shape.Lentils were first domesticated in the Mediterrenean area and spread to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Lentils are considered a pulse, which are the dried low-fat seeds of legumes. Lentils can be found in brown, green, and red varieties, which all have a slightly different taste. Lentils can be stored with or without the husk, when the husk is left on the lentils do not lose their shape during cooking. When the husks are removed, the lentil loses their shape and disintegrate during cooking.