Lettuce, Romaine (approx. 175g)

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Produced In: Lakefield, Ontario

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Romaine Lettuce, also known as 'Cos' lettuce, is crisp, sweet, and juicy. These compact, elongated leaves are favourites for flavourful cesaer salads and as replacements for bread. Romaine lettuce is typically ready for harvest in Ontario in late Summer, however it can be found growing year round in hot houses and greenhouses.

Romaine Lettuce is an excellent choice for salads, sandwiches, and as a gluten-free alternative for wraps, shells, and tacos as it is crisp and holds its shape well. Its slightly sweet juiciness allows it to pair well with acidic or creamy dressings.

Romaine Lettuce originated in the Mediterenean area and the Middle East, where it was considered a weed until it started to be cultivated 5,000 years ago. The other name it goes by, 'Cos', comes from the papal garden of the Aegean Island of Cos. The name 'Romaine' comes from the papal garden of Rome. Unlike other lettuces, Romaine is tolerant of heat, and so can be grown late into the Summer.