Granola, Mighty Fine Date (250g)

Suntree Natural Foods

Produced In: Port Hope, Ontario

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Price Per Unit: $4.00/100g

Storage: Pantry

Ingredients: organic oats, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds,
coconut chips, local maple syrup, raw pecans, raw almonds, organic
coconut oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, finely ground raw dates,
sea salt

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Granola makes the perfect breakfast when paired with milk or yogurt. It's also very handy if you're on the go and need a quick snack. Now in the 250g bags, it's conveniently sized for bringing to school.  

In 1982, Suntree Natural Foods Marketplace opened as a bulk food store in downtown Port Hope, and remains one of the oldest bulk food stores in Canada.

In 2014, Karen was coming off her second maternity leave, during which time she made daily trips to her then local natural food store. She was hooked. To her, there was nothing better than buying fresh, healthy foods while supporting a locally-owned small business.

Karen and Jules, along with their two young daughters, took a leap of faith and made the big decision to move from Toronto to Port Hope, to purchase their own natural food store. They poured their energy into updating Suntree and making it the community-focused destination it is today.