Mushrooms, Dried Wild Hedgehog (14g)

Forbes Wild Foods

Produced In: Canada

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14g of dried mushrooms is equal to approximately 125g of fresh mushrooms.
We can special order larger formats (at better value!) upon request.

Hedgehog mushrooms or hydnum repandum are a mild autumn mushroom that is one of our favorites. Their nutty flavour is extremely versatile working well in soups, duxelles or sauteed. Similar to a chanterelle but without the fruitiness, you can use Hedgehog mushrooms in much the same way.


Forbes Wild Foods is a Canadian company that proudly supplies wild, hand-picked foods to restaurants; farmers markets; hotels; gift, food, and health stores; and to individual customers via our online store. All of our foods are sustainably harvested from the Canadian wilderness by trained, knowledgeable pickers. Our suppliers practice progressive harvesting methods -- ones that are both sustainable for its neighbouring plant species and surrounding ecosystem; and for the pickers themselves, whose livelihood is supported by a thriving source of wild foods.

Our specialized pickers (consisting of Indigenous people, women, youth, retirees, farmers, and professional foragers) are usually residents of rural or remote communities who respect the lands that support them. Only those wild foods that grow in great abundance and whose survival is not in danger are considered for harvest. Forbes Wild Foods also works with regional and northern wild food producers to help propagate rare wild food plants by reintroducing them to lands that need remedial attention, such as overgrazed woodlots and pastures.