Peppercorns (100g)

Hahn Farms

Produced In: Dong Nai, Vietnam

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An old fashioned way to get the fresh, spicy, peppery flavour is to roast them as you go. The spiciness will activate and the peppercorn will be easier to blend.

My name is Hannah! These peppercorns come from the pepper plants grown on my family farm, natively from China, brought over by Chinese immigrants into Vietnam. The farm is only 2 acres. My dad works alone throughout the farm, but when it is in harvesting season, he will ask local labourers to help him to pick the peppercorn.

My family farm is located in the head of the southern provinces of Vietnam, where there is a huge production of peppercorns, cashews, coffee beans, and gums. The pepper plants grow in vines. Farmers have to wait for them to reach their full maturity for strong flavours. As you can see, there are many white peppercorns in a bag because the red skin easily falls off while being rubbed to get the berries out of the fruit vines. The layer under the skin is the container of spicy, pungent, and peppery explosion.