Pickled, Annie's Beets (500mL)

Spade and Spoon

Produced In: Northumberland, Ontario

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Storage: Refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: Ontario beets, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, pickling spices.

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These sweet and savoury pickled beets are a recipe passed down by our Grandma Annie, and for good reason! We keep them al dente, and add lots of spice.  Have them as a side to your favourite meals or dice them into your salads.

We craft quality Ontario jams, pickles, chutneys, relishes, fermentations, maple syrups and many other culinary creations using fruits and vegetables grown by us and our network of growers around our family farm. Our grower/producer arrangement, and our homemade approach ensures the freshest tastes while reviving the lost art of seasonal food preservation. We use pots & spoons, not vats and conveyor belts. You can taste the difference!

The importance of fresh ingredients is well known in the culinary world, with chefs the world over growing their own ingredients for the sake of quality and taste. This is something we have come to feel very strongly about. As such, we strive to grow as many of our ingredients as possible and let the Ontario climate and our garden selection shape and influence our recipes/menus. In fact, many of our products are prepared and canned the same day they are picked from our garden. Unlike commercial canneries, who use the left-overs from the food terminal or discounted undesirables (seconds), we grow our own and source very fresh ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality. We have a love of food, and a love of farming and our products are a testimony to this.