Samosas, Veggie (6/pk)

Magic Oven

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These vegan samosas are hand-filled with potatoes and peas, come frozen, and are a delicious heat and serve snack or appetizer!

Ingredients: unenriched flour, potatoes, peas, spices


Tony & Abby of Magic Oven believe that nothing artificial should be added to our lives. That the best ingredients should be local, fresh, ultra-tasty and satisfying.

They source almost everything from within a short distance. Ingredients are free of additives. The sauces are made in-house without the use of refined and processed fillers. The vegetables in season are sourced from 100km farms. The meat is sustainably and humanely raised.

They created Magic Oven in 1997 and everything about it speaks to their principles.

Shop here with a clear conscience because they put a portion of the money back into the community -- supporting local charities. It's a reciprocal love. The community has voted Magic Oven the best in the city many times.

We believe eating healthy and delicious should always be this magical.