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Sorrel (Green leaves)

Sorrel, also known as garden sorrel, common sorrel, spinach dock, or narrow-leaved dock, is a herbaceous plant with arrow shaped leaves and juicy stems. The leaves have an acidic, sharp, sour taste that add a sour depth to dishes. Sorrel is usually ready for harvest in Ontario in late spring and into the summer.

Sorrel leaves are tender when young but toughen with age; they may be puréed in soups and sauces or added to salad. Sorrel can be used much like other herbs or leafy greens such as chard or kale. It is used in many cuisines in soups, stews, pastry fillings, and as a flavouring herb on fish and for meats.

Sorrel is a member of the knotweed family along with rhubarb and buckwheat. The term “knotweed” stems from the little nodes the stems of some of the family’s species have. The plant grows in three varieties: French, red-veined, and broad leaf, all of which have relatively different appearances. Sorrel thrives in grassland habitats throughout Europe from the northern Mediterranean coast to the north of Scandinavia and in parts of Central Asia. It occurs as an introduced species in parts of New Zealand, Australia and North America, and can grow in poor soil. Common sorrel has been cultivated for centuries and is enjoyed the world over.