Tomato Paste, Organic (300ml)


Produced In: Italy

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Storage: Pantry, refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: Organic tomatoes

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This tomato concentrate captures the intensity of the taste of Italian tomatoes, without added salt. Its concentration allows for a deep and rich flavor, ideal for enhancing the flavors of your dishes. Italian organic tomatoes are guaranteed by a system that follows the product from the field to the table: the blockchain-registered supply chain.

Tomato Concentrate is extremely versatile. You can use it as a base for sauces, salsas, soups, fish soups, stews, and many other culinary preparations. Great for strong-flavored sauces or for making homemade fresh pasta.

Bioitalia's tomato concentrate is processed shortly after harvesting, thickened through slow, gentle cooking.

Now you can follow the entire journey of our organic tomatoes thanks to a QR code you will find on the label. This allows you to personally verify all the production processes, from harvesting to bottling.

Nutritional values per 100g:
energy 288kj - 68kcal
fat 0,7g of which saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrate 11g of which sugars 11g
fiber 2g
protein 3,5g
salt 0,4g