Potatoes, German Butterball, (approx 2.27kg)

Pinehaven Farm

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It's that time of year again! The warmer weather means that the potatoes are prone to sprout eyes quicker than normal. Use these up soon!

Flavorful yellow flesh variety with a medium texture. Good for everything and one of the most popular potato varieties.

Note from the Farmers Market: These potatoes are alive! Potatoes purchased in supermarkets are often treated with chemicals to prevent sprouting (or “eyes”). Pinehaven potatoes have been harvested in the Fall and are NOT chemically treated. When properly stored, sprout growth is minimal, but if you do notice sprouts, simply remove them and cook as usual! Keep in mind if you do not have proper storage (no sunlight and a temp of 7-8 Celsius), it is best to eat within 2 weeks. Both the farmer and the Market team try to ensure that the produce is high quality before being packed, but if we get it wrong we're happy to make it right!