Garlic Scapes


Produced In: Bethany, Ontario

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Size: 227g / 0.5lb
227g / 0.5lb
454g / 1lb
1.36kg / 3lbs


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Storage: Pantry

Garlic scapes are harvested before the bulb of garlic is ready to harvest, to allow plant to focus all of its energy and nutrients on forming a larger bulb. They are a very seasonal delicacy, only available fresh for a very short time every summer!

These garlic scapes come from the many varieties grown by Marchand & Corin of Garlicloves right here in the Kawartha Lakes!

227g / 0.5lb - Great for seasoning 3-6 meals, or if grilling them, will serve two-four people.
454g / 1lb - Double the above.
1.36kg / 3lbs - Only for serious scape lovers! Best to buy for pickling, or sharing with friends and neighbours.