Ground Chicken

Back-to-Nature Organics

Produced In: Parkhill, Ontario

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Size: 500-549g


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Price Per Unit: $15.28/lb
Storage: Freezer

Pastured. Sustainable. Non-GMO Feed. Frozen.

Vacuum packed. 

We raise our chickens in a 10ft x 12ft x 2ft high floorless, portable field shelter housing about 75 chickens out on the pasture. The chickens receive fresh air, exercise, and sunlight, and are fed only non-GMO grain. We move the shelter every day to give the chickens a fresh piece of pasture to graze. The chickens love to eat the fresh plants and search through the forage and feast on all the little critters that they find there. All of this combined gives them a very nutritious diet and healthy way of life, which in turn makes very nutritious meat.

Back to Nature Organics is a family farming business that we started in 2013 on our family's organic dairy farm. We are located about 3 miles southwest of Parkhill, Ontario. We were married in 2014 and moved to a farm house across the road from the family dairy farm where we raise organic meat, eggs and produce. 

Our mission is to grow nutrient dense, chemical and antibiotic free, humanely raised Organic food for customers who are looking for an alternative from what the industrial agriculture and industrial food production systems have to offer. 

We raise our animals outside in the fresh air and in a natural environment so they can live their lives the way God intended them to live. We believe raising animals this way produces the most nutritious and best tasting food, as well as provides a very satisfying and enjoyable way of life for our family.